Priscilla G.

Mindy and I have worked together over the past two years on the purchase of 5 properties in the Austin area. Mindy is very quick to respond to my requests for information or appointments on properties that I am interested in. In this competitive market, it is essential to move quickly, and Mindy is an expert at this. Day or night (and I apologize for abusing this sometimes), she is available to support my requests. Surveys, sellers' disclosures, area comps- she stays on it until all is delivered. While we have only actually purchased 5 properties, Mindy has sourced, shown, or bid on possibly close to 50 properties. She tirelessly supports our search and is always in touch with lenders, titles, and surveyors, in short, everyone and everything that makes a deal happen. I have worked with many agents in the past, and based on my experience, not only is Mindy a hard worker and thorough in her work, but she really cares about the success of my business.

Ivon G.

Mindy Suggs is by far the best. We feel very fortunate and blessed to have had her as our Realtor®. As first-time homebuyers, we had no clue where to even begin. Mindy was very knowledgeable and an invaluable resource. She helped us throughout the whole process. She paid attention to what we were looking for and was extremely patient in helping us find the perfect home for our family. She was armed with decades of experience and full of resources. She was very familiar with South Austin, which made us feel very comfortable. Mindy was always very prompt and responsive to every form of communication, whether via (text, email, or phone calls). She is a genuine human being with a heart of gold. Mindy not once made us feel like we were just another client. She made us feel like family. We will highly recommend Mindy to our friends and family looking to purchase a home. Thank you, Mindy.

Jacob K.

Mindy snapped to what I needed, and that was the ultimate reason we were able to obtain the property we desired. Mindy treated us like we were the most important thing in her life, and that weighed heavily with me. I did find out later that Mindy had multiple clients but that is only cause she told me. If I had to guess by the way she treated us I would have thought I was her only client. You should hope that everyone performs the way Mindy does. I mean that too. If you had a team of cloned Mindys you would likely be rich by now. I'm talking Bill Gates rich! I actually miss talking to Mindy. She is like a friend of our family now. Mindy treated our family like we were long-lost family members and she was trying to make up lost time. Mindy is the person I will be sending all of my friends to when they need a person to help them with their real estate.


Working with Mindy Suggs was great! I can be a pain in the butt to deal with sometimes but Mindy never lost her cool and remained patient with me the entire time. She helped my family find the perfect first home and I know she will do the same for you. I think what really separates Mindy from other real estate professionals is the fact that she is so responsive and accessible, no matter the time or day of the week. She even stayed in the car to watch our sleeping daughter while my wife and I toured a home. I can't say enough about Mindy. Even after we closed on our home and we had a couple of questions about needing a plumber and she responds immediately. Truly impressed!

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Mindy Suggs has worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years and has amassed a renowned class of clientele and unmatched experience.
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